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a month ago

Physical Distancing Reminder

Keeping a safe distance between yourself and others helps slow the spread of Covid-19 Virus, That's why, physical distancing is a language of love during this pandemic. 



a month ago

Proper Wearing of Mask

  Imagine if there is a way to reduce your risk of acquiring the virus by 5x? Would you do it?Well, that’s wearing a mask. ????????Keep safe partners!

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Patient Stories

2 months ago

Shaira's Story: Overcoming the Fear

Last year, I started to feel the pain on my back, I usually have it in the morning while I lying on my bed but once I get up and the pain will eventually disappear. It doesn’t concern me that much in the beginning, as I thought it was just a simple p

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Gilbert G. Florentino, MD , FPCP, FPCC
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Jesus Julio S. Ancheta, MD , FPCP, DPSMID

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